Australians back action on affordable housing

Anglicare Australia has called for a boost to social housing in the next Budget. The call follows the release of Anglicare Australia’s Five Ideas Australia Needs Now manifesto, and new polling showing that voters in marginal seats back a boost.

Anglicare Australia Executive Director Kasy Chambers said the polling shows the housing crisis is getting worse.

“If you open any newspaper, you will read that our economy is bouncing back. But these polls show that many Australians feel left behind,” Ms Chambers said.

“People overwhelmingly think that it’s hard or very to find an affordable rental – and they want action. Big majorities say that the Government isn’t doing enough to make housing affordable.

“The solution is simple. We need a major investment in social and affordable housing.

“In Five Ideas Australia Needs Now, Anglicare Australia is calling for an investment in 500,000 social and affordable homes. That would end our shortfall, and provide a home for everyone.

“This investment is urgent. The shortfall will only grow after recent floods.

“It’s also popular. Social and affordable housing is more popular with marginal seat voters than any other solution, including band-aid options like first home buyer grants.

“The Federal Budget is just weeks away. We’re calling on the Government to answer voters’ calls for action – and make sure everyone has a place to call home,” Ms Chambers said.

Five Ideas Australia Needs Now is available to download.

Polling for the seats of swing seats of Bass, Longman, Gilmore, and Flinders is available from the Everybody’s Home campaign.