Five Ideas Australia Needs Now: Anglicare Australia calls for leadership ahead of critical election

Ahead of the Federal Election, Anglicare Australia has released five bold ideas for candidates and parties.

“After an unprecedented two years, the nation faces major challenges. Record numbers of Australians cannot afford a home. People out of work are struggling to make ends meet. And the climate crisis looms large as we face more extreme weather, said Executive Director Kasy Chambers.

“That’s why so many people are hungry for ideas. They want leadership with vision and empathy – leadership for everyone.

“With Five Ideas Australia Needs Now, Anglicare Australia is stepping into the leadership void. We have real ideas for the problems we face.

“Over three million Australians live in poverty. That includes one million children. We can end poverty tomorrow by guaranteeing everyone a basic income above the poverty line. Our polling shows that three in four Australians (77%) back that idea.

“Both the Government and Opposition say they want full employment. Anglicare Australia agrees. We are calling on all parties to sign on to a jobs guarantee and pledge to build the workforce we need.

“This has been done before. In 2020, Victoria and the ACT guaranteed jobs to anyone who wanted one. Doing this across the country would transform lives. Creating jobs, not blaming people, is how to get more people into work.

“And we have plans to tackle the other crises looming over us all – stopping from climate change from hurting our communities, making sure everyone has a home, and rebuilding trust in our political system.

“Within months, Australians will vote in one of the most important elections we have ever faced. Our hope is that parties and candidates will sign up to our ideas – and work with us to turn them into action.

In Five Ideas Australia Needs Now, Anglicare Australia is calling for:

  • A basic income
  • A jobs guarantee
  • A community climate fund
  • A home for every Australian
  • Governing for all: A people’s inquiry into Covid-19.