Royal Commission shows aged care reform is urgent

Anglicare Australia is calling on the Government to commit to quality, affordable aged care for every Australian. The call is made in the wake of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

“The quality of the care we provide is a reflection of how we value older people. This Royal Commission offers us a historic opportunity to shape that care,” said Anglicare Australia Executive Director Kasy Chambers.

“Australia owes a debt of gratitude to the older Australians, carers, aged care workers, and Commissioners who shaped this report. Their experiences and stories must be heard – and they must be acted upon.

“They tell us our aged care system is broken. Aged care homes are struggling to provide quality care and keep their doors open. Older Australians are the ones paying the price.

“Australia spends half the OECD average on aged care. That’s not good enough. Older Australians deserve quality care, and this Royal Commission has shown that too many people aren’t getting it.”

Ms Chambers urged the Government to act on the Royal Commission’s recommendations instead of making short-term fixes.

“There have been more than twenty reviews of aged care in the last twenty years, but none of them have led to real change. Government after government has failed to act on them.

“Instead we’ve had piecemeal changes and band-aid solutions. We can’t afford to let the work of this Royal Commission suffer the same fate.

“What we need now is real reform. We need to start from scratch and look at how the entire aged care system is designed. We need to make sure that everyone can get the quality care they need, when they need it, where they need it. Making that a reality should be our first priority. “Everybody has the right to dignity and quality of life as they get older. After twenty years of lost opportunities, it’s time to listen to the stories of older Australians – and give them the care they deserve.”