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  • ‘New’ JobSeeker payment will plunge people into poverty

    23 Feb 2021 by Maiy Azize | Media Releases

    Anglicare Australia and UnitingCare Australia have come together to condemn the Government’s announcement on the JobSeeker payment, which has come after months of uncertainty. “This announcement has cut the rate of JobSeeker by cutting the Coronavirus Supplement. Worse still, the Government is trying to reframe that cut as an increase. Australians won’t buy that spin,” said Anglicare Australia Executive Director Kasy Chambers.
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  • Dramatic new poll shows JobSeeker increase is urgent

    15 Feb 2021 by Maiy Azize | Media Releases

    A dramatic new poll shows financial counselling and emergency relief services across Australia are worried about cuts to JobSeeker. The poll of services across the Anglicare Australia Network, released today, shows universal agreement (100%) that cuts will see many more people in need of help.
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  • Cuts to JobSeeker will lead to housing stress and homelessness

    11 Feb 2021 by Maiy Azize | Media Releases

    Anglicare Australia is calling on the government to raise the rate of JobSeeker payments for good. The call follows the release of ACOSS and UNSW Poverty and Inequality in Australia partner report, showing that low rates are leading to housing stress and homelessness. Anglicare Australia is a partner in the research.
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