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Latest news & events

Latest news & events

19 Dec 2014

News: December Aspect | Inequality fuels poor outcomes

In the lead up to Christmas we often reflect on what unites us and celebrate the care we have for each other.

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01 Dec 2014

News: November Aspect | First principles

I've been lucky to get a lot of time from leaders in the now famous Trieste mental health system in Italy over the past few days.

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14 Nov 2014

News: Research report: Connecting all Tasmanians

Anglicare Tasmania says a low income internet and smartphone plan is urgently needed to increase access to digital technology by disadvantaged Tasmanians.

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31 Oct 2014

News: October Aspect | Community acceptance

Earlier this week I went along to an event at Parliament House which included a presentation by a former asylum seeker and a highlight of a documentary.

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14 Oct 2014

News: Youth support a circuit breaker

Anglicare's 2014 State of the Family report, launched by the Governor-General Sir Peter Crosgrove, clearly demonstrates the value of social service support for disadvantaged young people, and the need to extend that support beyond the age of 18.

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