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Investing in housing: first steps first

21 Jun 2013 by Anglicare Australia | Media Releases Homelessness Housing

On the release of the first initiative of the Greens housing policy, Anglicare Australia Executive Director, Kasy Chambers, has called for housing and homelessness to be on the agenda of all parties in this year's Federal election.

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Anglicare Australia: being of service to people's lives

10 Apr 2013 by Anglicare Australia | Media Releases Disability Services Aged Care

Internationally renowned advocate of people with disability and newly appointed Executive Director of Disability ACT, Lorna Sullivan, told delegates at a consumer directed care conference yesterday that too many service providers continue to advocate and seek funding for services and programs that they know have already failed to deliver positive outcomes in the lives of people.

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Time to reverse employment trap

22 Mar 2013 by Anglicare Australia | Media Releases Employment Services Submission

In a submission to DEEWR’s issues paper, Employment Services – building on success, Anglicare Australia today argues that future employment services need to focus on reversing the employment traps that confront the long-term unemployed. “That is, the usual traps of insecure jobs with minimal benefits, ongoing poverty and prolonged disadvantage,” Executive Director of Anglicare Australia, Kasy Chambers said.

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Education Bill omits non-profits as key partner in improving educational outcomes

29 Nov 2012 by The Smith Family | Media Releases

A national coalition of non-profit organisations has welcomed the Australian Education Bill 2012 introduced in federal parliament on Wednesday given its commitment to both a high quality and high equity schooling system and the allocation of funding based on student need. The coalition is calling on the Commonwealth and State and Territory governments to work expeditiously to realise the intent of the Bill.

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