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Unemployment: looking beyond supply and demand

10 Jul 2014 by Anglicare Australia | Media Releases Poverty Unemployment

New research commissioned by Anglicare Australia and released in Canberra today clearly shows that people out of work for the long term need individual skills and capability development to help them find and sustain a job, rather than simply being matched to job vacancies.

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Interim report a stalking horse

30 Jun 2014 by Anglicare Australia | Media Releases Newstart Welfare Reform

Anglicare Australia acting Executive Director, Roland Manderson today warned that the interim report on welfare reform (McClure) could be used as a stalking horse to further stigmatise the most disadvantaged members of Australian society.

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A backward Budget

13 May 2014 by Anglicare Australia | Media Releases Budget

Anglicare Australia Executive Director, Kasy Chambers has described this year’s Budget as backward.

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Uncertainty the enemy of efficiency

19 Mar 2014 by Anglicare Australia | Media Releases NFP

In the lead-up to ‘Repeal Day’ next week and the abolition of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), Anglicare Australia has raised concerns over the uncertainty of the NFP sector’s future – both for staff and clients.

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Budget cuts risk leaving people behind

3 Feb 2014 by Anglicare Australia | Media Releases Submission

Anglicare Australia’s 2014-15 Budget Submission reflects its view that many of the most marginalised members of Australian society are at risk of being left behind, and their potential contribution lost to the Australian community.

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A call for new deal on Repeal

3 Dec 2013 by Anglicare Australia | Media Releases Tax

Yesterday marked another blow for Australia’s disadvantaged and marginalised with the Senate Economics Legislation Committee recommending that the Minerals Resource Rent Tax Repeal and Other Measures Bill 2013 be passed.

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