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  • May 2016 Aspect Newsletter

    30 May 2016 by Anglicare Australia Advocacy Election

    Aspect May 2016: It seems to us that many people are invisible in any part of our democracy and especially so in the rarefied, concentrated atmosphere of an election.
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  • Aged care alliance will continue to campaign for concrete commitments from political parties

    26 May 2016 by Anglicare Australia Aged and Community Care Advocacy Aged Care

    Forty-eight organisations representing Australia’s aged care advocates, service providers, health professionals and workers today committed to continuing to campaign for major reform after the two major political parties stopped short of putting an end to rationing of aged care. The Coalition Minister and Labor Shadow Minister made commitments to continue the current reform process at a meeting of the National Aged Care Alliance this morning; and made supportive statements about the Aged Care Roadmap, but made no promises to implement its recommendations.
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  • Halve homelessness by 2025

    24 May 2016 by Anglicare Australia Homelessness & Accommodation Youth Homelessness Accommodation Services Homelessness Housing

    The largest providers of homelessness services across Australia today joined forces to call on all political parties to make reducing homelessness a national priority. In a joint letter to the four party leaders, the major charities Anglicare, Mission Australia, Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul, UnitingCare Australia and Wesley Mission demanded a commitment to halving homelessness by 2025. The organisations have also launched a petition to generate public support for the campaign during the Federal Election and invited the party leaders to a forum with their clients in June.
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